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get2net0: Your Marketplace for
Climate Change Collaboration

GHG Emissions 2022:


Our Story

Concerned about climate change and its devastating impact on Canada, a group of entrepreneurial Canadians decided to combine their qualifications, experiences and resources to launch get2net0.

Unfortunately, Canada is one of the largest per capita emitters, but it is also home to some of the world’s brightest, most inventive minds, which is why ensuring Canadian businesses remain relevant throughout the transition to a net-zero emissions goal is a key driver for get2net0.

While get2net0 understands the incredible amount of effort required for Canada and Canadians to achieve their net-zero aspirations, we also recognize the opportunity for Canada to emerge as a global leader and role model in showing the way to other nations and their citizens.

Enter the get2net0 portal – a tool conceived as a way to bring together stakeholders from across the world who are focused on climate change adaptation and mitigation. From the largest corporations and institutions to grassroots organizations, Indigenous communities and entrepreneurs, get2net0 seeks to empower and support emitters and problem-solvers alike to work together to achieve their climate change goals while also keeping industries relevant and supporting employment and the economy.

In time, get2net0 will evolve to become the social network and idea exchange for like-minded organizations and individuals who are leading the transition to a planet with net-zero emissions.

Our Mission

To be recognized as the world’s leading digital ecosystem for bringing enterprise and innovators together to get to net-zero emissions.

Scorching summers, stronger storms and fatal floods are just a taste of the increasingly dangerous and costly climate events we are witnessing in our own global backyard. The physical and economic costs continue to rise.

Through 2015’s Paris Climate Accords, a global commitment was made to limit global warming to under 2 degrees celsius by controlling emissions and removing already emitted greenhouse gasses.

The problem: we’re not moving fast enough. In fact, we are worse off than we were in 2015!

With Canada warming at twice the rate of the global average, it’s time to commit to finding and implementing real solutions.

But it won’t take policy changes and legislative actions alone; rather, only through a concerted effort and meaningful collaboration between stakeholder organizations and individuals will we achieve measurable change in our lifetime.

get2net0 will provide the platform and the tools to support this collaboration.

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For a fighting chance to secure our future,
we have to act now – together.

This is how we’ll get there…

Our Method

get2net0 is launching a marketplace where solution seekers and solution providers come together to not only share ideas on how to achieve our climate change goals but also team up to solve real-world climate change issues.

“Challenge Initiators”, or those seeking solutions for emissions mitigation or climate change adaptation, can offer up their Challenge with a matching Reward within the get2net0 marketplace where a host of vetted “Solution Providers” can view the Challenge and submit their off-the-shelf or custom solutions. From the submissions, a solution is selected and rewarded by the Challenge Initiator. The process then moves on to offline implementation. Rewards offered by Challenge Initiators can include cash prizes, scholarships, research grants, project implementation funding, consulting stints and/or employment opportunities.

Whether it be discovery, early-stage planning and developing roadmaps, or identifying technology, process or chemistry solutions, Challenge Initiators can turn to the get2net0 marketplace to find an entire network of solution providers ready and willing to support their net-zero initiatives!

Who is a Challenge Initiator:

Public sector entities:

  • Governments, Municipalities and Public organizations

Indigenous Communities
Private sector entities:

  • Companies, especially those involved in energy production, agriculture, transportation, mining, manufacturing and real estate
  • Industry Associations
  • Philanthropic Foundations

Who is a Solution Provider:

Academic institutions:

  • Universities and other educational institutions
  • Innovation hubs

Climate change-focused startups
Companies with off-the-shelf solutions
Indigenous entities

Challenge Initiator Sets Up Challenge and Offers Reward

Solution Providers Submit Solutions

Viable Solutions Are Rewarded

In addition to being an important contributor to achieving the world’s net-zero goal, being a part of the get2net0 marketplace gives both Challenge Initiators and Solution Providers a host of additional benefits such as rewards, recognition and career and networking opportunities!

Why Become a Challenge Initiator:

  • Get access to both custom and off-the-shelf solutions
  • Achieve solutions faster, leading to a shorter time to implementation
  • Reduce costs and internal resourcing requirements
  • Choose from a global and diverse array of solution providers
  • Identify and recruit talent

Why Become a Solution Provider:

For off-the-shelf Solution Providers:

  • Access new business development opportunities
  • Receive global brand exposure

For educational institutions and students:

  • Gain experience from participating in “live” global challenges
  • Access career opportunities
  • Potential for research and commercialization funding

Ready to become a Leader in the fight against climate change? Join today for priority access to the get2net0 network and become a part of the movement to reach our net-zero emissions goal!

Join the Network

Why Join Now?

Be the first to know when the get2net0 portal launches.

Join your peers as a climate change thought leader and problem-solver
with access to the get2net0 marketplace and its unique Challenges and
Solutions opportunities.

Only Challenge Initiators have access to the innovative technology and
solutions offered by Solution Providers.

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