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Let's Secure Our
Future Now

get2net0: Your Marketplace for Climate Change Collaboration

GHG Emissions 2022:


Latest Challenges

For a fighting chance to secure our future,
we have to act now – together.

This is how we’ll get there…

The Process

Challenge Sponsor Sets Up Challenge and Offers Reward

Solution Providers Submit Solutions

Viable Solutions Are Rewarded

Who is a Challenge Sponsor:

Public sector entities:

  • Governments, Municipalities and Public organizations

Indigenous Communities
Private sector entities:

  • Companies, especially those involved in energy production, agriculture, transportation, mining, manufacturing and real estate
  • Industry Associations
  • Philanthropic Foundations

Who is a Solution Provider:

Academic institutions:

  • Universities and other educational institutions
  • Innovation hubs

Climate change-focused startups
Companies with off-the-shelf solutions
Indigenous entities

Your Subscription Options

Choose your Subscription Option based on how you want to leverage the get2net0 platform.


Challenge Sponsor

Challenge Sponsors have an emissions or climate change related issue that needs solving and they include:

  • Government and Public Entities
  • Private Enterprise
  • Indigenous Communities
  • Industry Associations
  • Philanthropic Foundations

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Solution Provider

Solution Providers provide a solution to an emissions or climate change related issue and they include:

  • Academic Institutions
  • Innovation Hubs and Start-ups
  • Off-the-shelf Solution Providers
  • Consultants

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Trusted Partner

Endorse the platform as a Partner and receive a multitude of benefits or have your products or services showcased on the get2net0 portal. We will help develop all the required collateral and get you maximum exposure including through our innovative marketing campaigns.

Why Join Now?

Be the first to know when Challenges are posted and join the conversation.

Join your peers as a climate change thought leader and problem-solver with access to the get2net0 marketplace and its unique Challenges and Solutions opportunities.

Only Challenge Initiators have access to the innovative technology and solutions offered by Solution Providers.

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